Saturday, May 16, 2015

Super Pink Smoothie for 2

I'm calling this smoothie 'Super Pink' because, well, it's really really pink.  It's also really yummy. This recipe is a double batch and makes the perfect amount for 2 breakfast smoothies (or 4 snack smoothies).  It's not too sweet and a little tangy.

Super Pink Smoothie

140g Frozen Mango (apx 3/4cup)
224g Frozen Raspberries (apx 2 cups)
140g Frozen Strawberries (apx 1 cup)
250ml Cold Water (1 cup)
2 Scoops Vanilla Protein Powder (or whatever 2 servings of your brand of choice is) - as always, this is optional.  If you choose to omit the protein powder, I recommend using vanilla almond milk in place of the water so you still get the vanilla flavour.

Put all ingredients in a blender, blend & enjoy!

The Details (per serving)

Calories: 261 
Fat:             3g
Carbs:       37g
Protein:     27g (using Leanfit Vanilla)

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