Friday, April 24, 2015

Baby Steps

We officially joined a gym on January 31, 2015.  I've had memberships in the past, Adam hasn't in many many years.

Because we weren't sure how dedicated we would be (let's face it, we usually give up after 2 weeks) we found a livingsocial deal for 2 months at the gym around the corner from our apartment for $30 each - pretty darn good deal.

Included in that package is a health assessment and a half hour session with a personal trainer.  The assessment session was scary.  I'm not going to post all the details but it wasn't good (at least mine wasn't - Adam's wasn't AS scary).

I will give you some reference though:
Starting weight: 167lbs
Starting BMI: 28.7
Body Fat%: 32.2

Not so good for 5'4 me.

Here's a starting picture (not sure I love putting this out there for the world to see...but if I'm going to do this, I better do it right!)

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