Monday, April 27, 2015

Getting the Gear

My posts are going to bounce around a little bit - full disclosure, we started in February, this blog started in April.  I want to fill you in on my entire journey and some of that will take us back in time a little bit.  This is one of for a sports bra, it's harder than it sounds!

After a couple of trips to the gym, I realized that my old sports bra just wasn't going to cut it.  I started out as a 34DD, those girls need to be held down or any type of running or jumping just isn't comfortable.  I went to the usual places, all the sports stores.  I tried on so many styles and cuts and fabrics.  Nothing fit well.  Finally someone suggested I try Victoria's Secret.  Well...they have the best sports bras I have ever seen!  They look good, they fit well and they WORK.  They're also sized properly.  No Small, Medium, Large.  They're sized like a bra which is amazing.

For me, The Incredible was the way to go (not the front close - that didn't fit right).  I love it, I swear by it.  I now own 4.  They're not cheap, but they seem to go on sale semi-regularly so I suggest watching for sales.

I also decided I wanted an activity tracker.  I looked around, saw tons of reviews and decided on a MisFit shine.  It's pretty, it's water resistant to 50m, and it does what I want it to do.  So far I like it. Once I've had it longer I'll write a proper review.

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