Saturday, May 9, 2015

Meeting the Nutritionist

As I mentioned before, my last check in didn't go so well and I was sent to the nutritionist for advice - turns out, I don't think she's actually a nutritionist (she's also one of the trainers at the gym) but I think she has a nutrition background - I didn't actually ask her for her qualifications (maybe I should have).

She told me that I'm doing mostly the right things, I'm probably not eating enough, and my attempt at IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) wasn't quite right.  I had my percentages out of line a little (not much, but enough) and I wasn't eating back enough exercise calories/underestimating the number of calories I'm burning meaning my body isn't getting the fuel it needs.

My Macros = 1500 calories NET per day
Protein - 35%/131g
Carbs - 25%/93g
Fats - 40%

I had inverted the Protein and Fat percentages when I was calculating this myself.  Basically, following this plan, you can eat ANYTHING you want IIFYM.  She's going to send me a meal plan tonight, we'll check in again in about 2 weeks and see how it goes.  Once I get the meal plan I'll post a sample for you all to see.  She's promised to work in all my favourite foods like cheese and avocado and - I GET TO EAT BREAD!


  1. I've spent a lifetime with this topic Katherine. I can assure you there is nothing in bread that will make you sick. The gluten free craze has been roundly disproven by many serious scientists. Dean as a wheat breeder - he promises there is no such thing as GMO wheat :) "Nutritionist" is just a word. More or less anyone can call themselves that. At the end of the day - Michael Pollan has the best formula for health. Eat real food (nothing processed/packaged) - not too much - mostly vegetables. And follow Yoni Freedhoff's blog to help cut through the fitness/diet BS out there. (There's a LOT of BS about what you should/should not eat)
    I like his advice too - live the healthiest lifestyle that makes you happy - after all - if you aren't happy you will not stick with it and it's kind of pointless. I, for example, would not be happy if I was told I could never have olive oil, cheese, nuts, bread....or that I had to run two miles a day. I could DO it for a while - but not for long :) Good luck with this. Healthy and happy are worthwhile goals :) xoxo - A Anne

    1. I know that it won't make me sick, everyone just preaches low carb and I always equate that with 'no bread'. Having someone telling me that I should be eating bread makes me happy. I'm doing my best to eat real food and cut out the crap.

      I know people who actually have Celiac disease and while they're thankful the craze has made more products available to them, it's also diminished the very real health concerns they have in the eyes of many.

      I appreciate that you're reading my little blog - I feel like writing all this down keeps my accountable and maybe helps me stick with it. I've been eating so badly in recent years, I really need to change and get myself healthy.