Friday, June 26, 2015

IIFYM - Planning for a night out

We all have to go out and have fun sometimes.  This week has been a doozie for me in terms of trying to plan for being out of the house and special events.  Tuesday - Adam's Birthday, Wednesday - RUSH Concert for Adam's Birthday, Thursday - Ball game with some friends.  That's a lot of chances to mess up your macros and fall off the wagon.  The trick is planning ahead.  Plan for the 'bad' things you want to eat and work backwards from there.  I'm not claiming I'm perfect at this, but trying makes a big difference!

Seeing as it was Adam's birthday, that means cake.  When it comes to Adam there's only one kind of cake worth eating - Carrot Cake.  So, Monday night I started planning.  I know there will be carrot cake, where can I buy one that I know all the nutritional information?  Panera!  Perfect.  So I planned to buy one of their amazing Carrot Cupcakes and split it between us (they're 650 calorie monsters - no one needs to eat a whole one!)

My daily targets are
Calories 1,666
Carbs 128
Fat 68
Protein 136

That cupcake knocked off 325 calories/49g carbs/13g fat/4g protein - and remember that's for HALF!
But look at's so Yummy!  One of the best parts of IIFYM, you can make foods like this work and you don't need to feel guilty about enjoying them!

So after accounting for those macros and using MFP I started at breakfast.  Here's how the rest of my day went down.

Tea with Milk
Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie

274 Cals/16g Carb/9g Fat/30g Protein

Morning Snack
Tea with Milk
1/2 Old Mill Blueberry Bagel
1 Laughing Cow Light Wedge

166 Cals/27g Carb/4g Fat/7g Protein

Curry Cayenne Chicken (100g)
Mini Cucumber
Baby Carrots (85g)
1 Original Mini Babybel
30g Pranana Kilamanjaro Trail Mix (this stuff is DELISH!)
Tea with Milk

466 Cals/22g Carb/21g Fat/44g Protein

President's Choice Blue Menu Turkey Burger
President's Choice Honey Mustard (2tsps)
Muscle Pharm Cookies and Cream Protein Shake
Mini Babybel Original

430 Cals/13g Carb/17g Fat/54g Protein

Totals for the day
1661 Cals/127g Carb/65g Fat/139g Protein

It's possible to make any food fit your macros, and it's possible to go out and have fun - you just have to plan ahead.

For the concert I've planned to bring my supper to work and eat on the train (or at my desk before I leave) and I've allowed myself a beer at the concert.  I haven't worked through the ball game yet, not sure if I'll eat at the game or before I get there.  I will let you know though.

**post concert update...I failed, I didn't drink my beer!  How crazy is that, I messed up my macros by deciding I didn't really want a beer after all...who have I become!?

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