Sunday, June 21, 2015

Workouts...what do they look like?

Starting out, Adam and I met with our trainer Daniel twice a week.  After 3 months our initial sessions were used and we decided we wanted more.  Working with Daniel we're always learning new things and finding new ways to hurt.  Now we see him every Tuesday at 5:45.

No 2 workouts are ever the same.  Sometimes Adam and I do the same workout, sometimes he's managing us both doing very different things.  Either way, we both get our ass kicked.

This week was all about doing a whole body workout.  It sucked in the best way possible.

We warmed up with some jogging and jumping jacks (about 5 minutes) and then it was right into working out with the 'evil green ball'.  I actually love the green ball (our gym's medicine balls are a weird shade of dark minty green - hence 'the green ball').  They're reserved for use by trainers though so we only get to use them when we're with Daniel.

It was a 10lb ball for me (and 12 for Adam) hold the ball, squat and swing - similar to a kettlebell swing but we're holding a medicine ball instead. (3 sets of 20).  This was still 'warm up' back when we started this nearly killed us and we were using less weight.  It's amazing how far we've come.

Then it was squat with the ball, jump and shoulder press (4 sets of 20).  They also suck.  That was followed by lunges with the ball and a twist (3 sets of 20).

Then we got into the real fun.  While one of us did high knees in place for 2 minutes, the other got to swing a sledge hammer and beat the crap out of a giant tire (1 minute with each side). We each did 2 sets.

Believe it or not, that was an hour long workout.  It sucked and it was amazing, and it hurt, but I loved it.

That 10lb green ball is my best friend at the gym.  I realized last night that I used to cart more weight than that around on a daily basis - no wonder I find I have more energy and it's a lot easier to get myself around these days!

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