Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Weekend Warrior

I have a confession to make...I was bad this weekend.

I wasn't as bad as the old me would have been, but I was bad.  I ate pizza and burgers and french fries and beer....and it was delicious.  I paid for it though, I felt sluggish and tired yesterday and definitely didn't have the energy I've become used to.  It took me a long time to get going in the morning.

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with an indulgence now and then, but going on a 'bender' like I did...not so smart.

Saturday Adam and I went downtown to check out all the PanAm Games 'stuff' and see what was going on.  He had bought me tickets to go see 'Newsies' for my birthday back in March and that's what we were really in the city for.

Of course we had to get something to eat before the show and Adam really wanted a patio and beer, and realistically that sounded pretty good (it was hot out and we'd done a lot of walking).

Adam with our beers - YUM!
 It was also Summerlicious.  Summerlicious is an annual event in Toronto.  200+ restaurants put on a price fix menu and you get an amazing 3 course meal for a really really reasonable price.  We decided to try out Red's Midtown Tavern - for those familiar with Toronto is just a little north of Dundas Square.

My salad - Quinoa, Honeycrisp Apple & Aged Cheddar
Arugula, cilantro, chili, lemon poppy seed dressing.  It was DELICIOUS.  Not a terrible food choice.

Adam and I had the same entree, Roast California Striploin with Carrot Horseradish Puree
Garlic marinated striploin, caramelized onion jus, fingerling potatoes - this was delicious and just the right amount of food.

of course 3 courses means desert....Strawberry and Gin Parfait
Sweet pastry cream with rosewater soaked ladyfingers

It was divine...definitely recommend!

And off to Newsies we go - I was pretty pumped about this.  One of my all time favourite movies.
 Sunday we decided we should enjoy the glorious glorious sunshine and see what the PanAm Games were really about.  We don't like to drive into Toronto, parking sucks and it's expensive and traffic sucks even more.  We also wanted to be down by the lake so we could go for a walk after whatever event we chose.  We decided on Rugby 7s.

I played Rugby for all of 2 weeks in grade 10 (before my dance and cheerleading coaches put stop to that - my parents weren't impressed either) but generally we had no idea what it was about but figured it would be fun to watch.

It was amazing.  The games are 15 minutes.  7 minutes, 1 minute half, 7 minutes and you're done.  It's intense, it's fast, it's violent and it's exciting.  We got to see Canada play twice (men & women) and they won both games!  They also both went on to win Gold later that night (we weren't at those games).

Sunday was HOT.  I wore suncreen, I swear.  Bit wearing sensible walking shoes while wandering around downtown Toronto in the heat 2 days in a row causes unfortunate tan tines...

Guess I gotta work on that this weekend (it looks pretty silly with my dress shoes and a skirt at work).

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