Saturday, July 18, 2015

Vegetable 'Fried' Rice

Finding make ahead food that I can prepare in bulk that hit macros targets is one of my biggest challenges.  I love Chinese food, but let's be honest - it's not very good for us.  Just because flexible dieting says I can eat anything If It Fits Your Macros, doesn't mean I want to be eating a ton of fatty foods or wasting calories on things that aren't as healthy as they can be.

I did some experimenting, and with some advice from my sister, I came up with this recipe for Vegetable Fried Rice.  I have made this with chicken as well - if you want to add chicken, just cook it ahead of time, dice, and toss in at the end.

Any time I'm meal prepping I start by getting everything out and on the counter.  It's happened to me before that I'm sure I have something but then when I'm at that point in the recipe wouldn't you know I'm actually all out.

 I love this recipe because it's so super easy - Rice, Veggies (I like using frozen blends, they're easier on the wallet), Egg Whites (you can use whole eggs if you prefer) & Toasted Sesame Oil - this is the trick to making taste like Chinese Food - regular oil just doesn't cut it

First things first - get your rice on to cook.  48g of dry rice.  I use white, but use whatever you're partial to.  I also like to undercook mine slightly - keeps it from getting mushy later in the process.

 I start by putting 200g of the frozen veggies in the frying pan over medium high heat - no oil yet.  I like to get them defrosted before I add the oil - I find it works better. 

One the veggies have thawed, add 15ml of toasted sesame oil, let the veggies start to get some colour on them.

Then add in your cooked rice.

Let the rice get a little colour and toasty, it'll absorb some of that sesame oil as well and get oh so yummy!  Shift the veggie and rice mixture to one side to make room for your eggs.

 Then add your eggs - I use 6 egg whites.  I always weigh them, I don't trust measuring cups.  More on that in another post!

 Pour the eggs in the space you created and let them cook, scrambling gently as you go.

Then toss it all together!

Once it's cooled down, divide it into containers for the week.  

I made this recipe into 4 - 145g portions.

 This is super easy, it's pretty quick (about 30 minutes including the rice) and it's really tasty!

 The macros break down like this
143 Calories
5g fat
21g carbs
4g protein

It's not super high in protein per serving, but it's also not really a meal on it's own, it's more of a side dish so pair this with some chicken or fish and you've got a great IIFYM meal!

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