Thursday, July 7, 2016

Adulting is hard...

I love the term 'adulting'. I feel like it describes so much of my life so well.  I'm over 30, yet most days I really don't feel like I'm a grown-up.  I wonder sometimes how I managed to get where I am, how I became a professional and work in an environment where I'm making decisions that impact the general public on a daily basis.  But it seems that I am, in fact, an adult and that comes with all sorts of challenges.

Our current adult life challenge is home ownership.  Adam and I are actively looking at houses and are really hoping to be in our own home by Christmas (only 170 days away!)

Trying to agree on a house is hard. We both want something that feels like home, but we don't completely agree on what that is.  We mostly agree and I'm sure we'll find something, but all the same spending that much money is terrifying.  The fact that someone is willing to lend me that much money is also terrifying.  We're pretty responsible people, but that's a lot of trust!

I'm still trying to figure out how to get myself back to where I was before the move in terms of my fitness and diet.  I'm feeling exceptionally out of shape these days and it's hard for me.  I was so proud of myself last year and in the space of just a few months I managed to totally undo all that hard work.

Starting Monday I'm going to go back on the meal plan I got at the gym last year and see if that helps.

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