Tuesday, January 10, 2017

First Christmas in Our New House - Part 2

As I said, Adam and I were really excited to spend Christmas in our new house. Getting the tree up was a priority - day after we move in priority!

The tree went up, lights were on. Monday night we decorated.

Ornaments are one, Tree Skirt (made by my Mother-In-Law) is down. All that's left is the Star!

We have a lot of ornaments that are special to us, for some reason this year I only took pictures of MY favourites (oops!) but here are a few!

Baby's First Christmas - that Ornament has now survived 34 Christmases and several moves. It also still has the original box!

This is our 'Our First Christmas' Ornament, well...first married Christmas. On the bottom I wrote 'Mr & Mrs Peck est 2014)

This is from my Nephew, Thomas'' first Christmas. His mother spent way too long obsessing over these, but they're really freaking cute and it's always wrapped with care.

This is from a set of wannabe vintage glass ornaments (you can see a few more peeking in the background). I love the shapes and the colours, and of course - the glitter!

Another Thomas Original - this is from his second Christmas. Again - his mama spent way too much time stressing, but they are freaking cute.
This horrendously ugly 80's garland is a relic from Adam's Childhood. He always threatens to put it up but then he takes it from the box, realizes it even tackier than he remembers, and puts it away.

Time for the star!
The elf hats are also a tradition of ours, they cam as part of a Christmas parcel from my dad years ago when we lived in Fredericton. 

In case you didn't believe me that the Christmas tree was a priority - my kitchen looked like this the whole time we were decorating...

Even our fireplace in the family room got a few decorations!

Over the next couple of weeks we continued unpacking and making our new house a home. Then, all of a sudden it was Tibb's Eve (December 23rd for all you non-Newfoundlanders).  Adam and I knew were were going to visit his family for Christmas Day and Boxing Day and I knew I wouldn't be cooking a turkey dinner, so for Tibb's Eve Dinner I made some Turkey Roulades - the perfect Turkey for 2 dinner. (recipe coming soon!)

Then it was Christmas Eve.  For lunch I made a giant Hot Turkey Sandwich (my favourite) with leftovers from the night before. For dinner, we had our traditional Mary Brown's - chicken fingers with taters, coleslaw & pepsi.

Christmas morning...

We got so many amazing presents - we were truly spoiled!

It was a fantastic Christmas in our new house. We couldn't be happier. 

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