Sunday, January 8, 2017

First Christmas in our New House - Part 1

Adam and I were really excited to get to spend Christmas in our new house. Back when we started looking we'd said we wanted a house by Christmas. I'm not sure either of us really believed we'd do it - but we did!

We moved in to our house on December 9th - we hired movers. Best decision ever. The guys were so fast, all we had to do was point and our boxes and furniture was where we wanted it and in less than half the time than if we'd done it ourselves.

As you can see, Adam is working really hard on Moving Day!

If you live in HRM I definitely recommend these guys. They were quick, they were efficient, and they were careful. They were also fun guys to be around.

Once the movers left, it was time to start unpacking (which is almost as bad as packing). If you're ever planning to move - I also recommend you get these bad boys. Wardrobe boxes. They make life so much easier! That fantastic turquoise and gold outfit - that's from our trip to India! I'll probably never wear it again, but I love knowing it's in my closet.

So we moved in on Friday. Saturday morning we got up and continued unpacking - but not before Adam made a Timmy's run and delivered breakfast in bed.

Later that morning, our new couches were delivered! 

They arrived on time and were super careful - say what you want about the big box stores, so far we're very happy with our purchase.

New couches in our new living room!

Once the couches were in, it was CHRISTMAS TREE TIME!  That's right. We were living in a sea of boxes, nothing was unpacked. But we were going to get a Christmas Tree - come on, priorities!
Unfortunately, we were having cable and internet installed that day as well and it was taking a really long time - they had to run lines and all kinds of craziness.  That meant that one of us had to stay home. So I went off to the Christmas tree lot by myself. That is stressful!  It's a lot of pressure picking out a Christmas Tree. It was also going to be our first real Christmas Tree so I really wanted to it to be great.

It's a little lopsided, but I had a feeling about it.
I managed to find a tree. It was a little crooked, but it had character and it was the right height and it was straight with a good branch for a star.  I paid, they tagged the tree and set it up for delivery (yep - they deliver! How's that for service!) We put the tree up, let it rest for 24 hours to thaw out (and for Adam to be sure it wasn't going to fall over). Then on Sunday night we added lights.

All lit up!

Can you tell we're really excited about our tree?

Part 2 to come...

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