Wednesday, June 17, 2015

IIFYM - How it breaks down & a day in the life

In trying to figure out what I should be eating, the carb goals in my previous post didn't feel right so I did some more digging.

I came across  They have another calculator and discussion forums.  I asked a few people, I used their calculators and came up with numbers that are fairly similar but more comfortable to me.

The targets that I'm going to be using are Calories: 1666 (that sounds so high still - it scares me a little bit) 127.7g carbs, 68g fat, and 135.9g protein (in case you missed it, my other calculator has 1656 calories, 166g carbs, 49g fat, 137g protein).  I find this fat to carb ratio feels more comfortable to me - at least on paper.  We'll see how it goes.

I've installed a crack on my MFP on my home computer allowing me to input my macros in grams or very precise percentages (unlike the MFP defaults).  If you want to do the same, you can get the crack here.

This is my first day on my new IIFYM plan.  I'm going to blog it and see how it breaks down.  Full disclosure, I'm winging it today - dangerous I know.  I didn't get to the grocery store yesterday so the fridge had slim pickings AND I ran out of frozen fruit so there was no breakfast smoothie today (completely sucks).

Old Mill Blueberry Bagel - 260cal/50g carb/3g fat/ 8g protein
Laughing Cow Light (2 wedges) - 50cal/2g carb/3g fat/4g protein
Tea w/ 1tsbp 1% milk - 11cal/1g carb/0g fat/1g protein

Morning Snacks (I drink a lot of tea - if I don't track it these pesky calories would get away from me!)
Tea w/ 1tsbp 1% milk - 11cal/1g carb/0g fat/1g protein
Tea w/ 1tsbp 1% milk - 11cal/1g carb/0g fat/1g protein

Because I failed at grocery shopping this weekend, I have to buy my lunch today (something I'm trying to avoid as Adam and I are trying to save for a house and every penny counts!) One of the big things with IIFYM is it has a reputation as a 'junk food diet'.  Instagram is filled with people eating chips and pop-tarts.  That's great, if that's what you want to eat, power to you.  Adam and I have committed to eating a healthier diet, and to us that means cutting out deep-fried foods, potato chips and the like (save for the occasional special event - Adam did have nachos at the movies on Saturday).

So for lunch today I'm going with one of my favourites - an Avocado Chicken Cobb Salad from Panera with a baguette side.  The other 'risk' eating out is portion control - it's up to the restaurant to be consistent.  I'm just going to have to trust that they practice portion control and hope that things are accurate.  Groceries is on my list of things to do tonight so tomorrow I should be good to go and have my whole day planned!

My delicious lunch!

Here's how the Chicken Cobb with Avocado stacks up
650 cal/16g carb/48g fat/41g protein
and my beloved baguette (which was warm from the oven I might add...
90cal/18g carb/1g fat/3g protein

After that lunch - I'm STUFFED!

That leaves me with this for the rest of the day - fingers crossed I can hit this bang on (apparently within 5g is the acceptable range).
583 Calories
39g Carbs
13g Fat
77g Protein

Afternoon Snacks
Tea w/ 1tsbp 1% milk - 11cal/1g carb/0g fat/1g protein
Purity Peppermint Nob - 30cal/8g carbs/0g fat/0g protein
**I have a little tub of these Newfoundland delights that my massage therapist brought me back as a treat (she's the best).  I try to keep them hidden to avoid the temptation but today I couldn't resist!

If you haven't tried these, you're missing out. 
Purity Foods in Newfoundland makes the best hard candies out there!

Here's where failing to plan ahead is really kicking my rear.
I'm having a Presidents Choice Blue Menu Turkey Burger on a Country Harvest Ancient Grain Roll.  Even though these are pre-packages foods I still weigh them to make sure I'm getting an accurate serving size.  The portion on the package is an average - we all know there are variances.  I had a tsp of honey mustard on the burger as well

Breakdown for the meal
363 calories/31g carbs/14g fat/48g protein

that means I still need 48g of protein today and 1g over on fats and carbs...egg whites here I come.

So I managed to eat 6 egg whites, half of what I needed.  So I finish my day 27g of protein short of my goals.  Not the best day to start with, but tomorrow's a new day and I'm currently planning my eating so I can knock it out of the park!

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