Monday, July 20, 2015

Another NSV...

If you follow fitness blogs, fitness posters on Instagram or Twitter, or use My Fitness Pal, you may have seen the acronym NSV used.  What's an NSV you ask?  It's a Non-Scale Victory.  NSV's are a way for people who are trying to get in better shape, sometimes by losing weight, sometimes increasing all over fitness or strength, or other personal health goals to share a victory that's not related to the number on the scale.

So often when we try and get in better shape we focus on losing weight and when that scale doesn't move it's very easy to get discouraged.  NSVs are a great way to concentrate on all the other changes that are happening to your body even if that scale refuses to budge.

My body doesn't like to lose weight.  I know that sounds like I'm making excuses but it's true.  I started my journey at 167 pounds at the end of January of this year.  It's now July and I've lost 17 pounds.  For 6 months of work, that's not really a lot of weight, especially when you consider the drastic changes in diet and routine that I've made.  Don't get me wrong - I am in no way complaining about my 17 pounds, I'm VERY proud of them, but it's taken a lot longer for them to come off than I thought it would or than my trainer thought it would.

In the first few weeks I lost about 5 pounds.  Then I lost nothing for 2 weeks.  But in that 2 weeks my jeans went from being almost unwearable to 'I need a belt'.  My weight stayed exactly the same, but all of a sudden I lost inches.  That was my first NSV.

This weekend I had another.

Back in February-ish, I discovered the Banana Republic sleeveless, non-iron button down collared shirts.  I've never been able to wear button down shirts, they don't stay closed properly and just don't fit me right.  This shirt had an amazing fit - I think it's the darts, they're in the right place for a busty girl.

Since that first one, I've bought 2 more.  I have pink, black, and robins-egg blue that I bought just 2 weeks ago.  The pink one, the first one, was a size 10.  The black one was a size 8.  I though the blue was also the same size.  Then, this weekend I was doing laundry and realized it's actually a size 6.

Since I bought that first shirt, I've gone down 2 sizes (or 4 depending on how you look at it).  I was so excited.  This was a huge NSV for me.  It's also inspired me to do some before and after pictures wearing some outfits from a few months ago - stay tuned for those!

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