Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Let's Try This Again...

So remember back in January when I promised I was back on the wagon?  Well...that sort of happened, but not really.

I joined the gym but have a really hard time motivating myself to get up and go.  I figured once Adam got here for good we'd push each other and really get back at it like we did last year.

Well...Adam got here mid-February, and then the day of our second move all was going well and he fell off the back of the truck.  Thankfully it was parked, amazingly all he did was cut his leg. But he cut it BAD. We spent 3 hours at emergency and 6 stitches later we were home.

That injury put him on the sidelines and me into nurse mode.  It also meant that nothing was getting done around the apartment because he couldn't do much of anything.

About a month later he was finally able to start getting to the gym.  We're trying, we haven't been great.  We've made excuses, things have 'gotten in the way' but we're trying.

Tonight we hit the reset button (again).  I just worked out our macros, I'm working on meal plans to make them work - a challenge seeing as we have different goals - and I'm taking some 'before' pictures (a scary prospect at the moment).  But we're recommitting to this and we're going to get it done!

Katherine's Macros (looking to cut right now, probably for a month, before I strat trying to 'bulk')
1612 Calories
134g Protein
59g   Fat
136g Carbs

Adam's Macros (looking to bulk at the 'textbook' rate)
2443 Calories
126g Protein
63g   Fat
342g Carbs

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